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Secure Data Rooms – How to Securely Share Confidential Documents With Third Parties

Secure Data Rooms are utilized by businesses to share confidential documents with third parties in transactions. These files contain confidential documentation, IP, and copyrighted documents that are not re-usable without the permission of the business. This type of information is beneficial to your organization, particularly in today’s fast paced business environment. Speed shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to protect. Using the appropriate tools to share files securely can make https://mark-solutions.com/securing-business-deals-how-virtual-data-rooms-make-a-difference/ all the difference as you negotiate deals with partners, investors or potential M&A targets.

Although the majority of virtual data rooms employ an array of security features to ensure only authorized users can access specific documents and files, it’s important to bear in mind that not all VDRs are made identical. This is particularly relevant when it comes to to allow users to print or view documents offline.

Based on our experience, the majority of secure data rooms that provide this feature rely heavily on password protection in order to ensure that only a particular user can access the document. This level of security isn’t adequate because it fails to take into account the possibility that the user might share their login credentials or allow another access to data. Additionally, many systems which allow downloads of documents for offline viewing – specifically PDFs – lack security protections at all or provide only weak security (such as watermarks). Digify’s solution to a virtual data room does not rely solely on passwords or weak authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access and print documents. Our system uses advanced data security methods like encryption, multi-factor identification, detection of threats, and real-time monitoring to block unauthorized access.

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